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2025 Season Tryouts!

Amplify's 2025 Season Tryouts for 15s - 18s will be held on July 27th 2024 at the College of Marin, Kentfield Athletics Campus:

835 College Ave, Kentfield, CA 94904


2025 Tryout Schedule

Age Group Check-In Tryout Time Parent Meeting Fee
15s 1:30pm 2:00 - 4:00pm 2:00pm $50 in Advance $75 at the door
16s 4:30 pm 5:00 - 7:00pm 5:00pm $50 in Advance $75 at the door
17 - 18s 8:30am 9:00 - 11:00am 9:00am $50 in Advance $75 at the door

14s Tryouts will be held in October!


Summer Registration is OPEN! Click HERE or on the Registration Tab Below.

The program offers 25 intensive, 2-hour sessions throughout the summer, designed to elevate players' overall performance on the court. Participants will focus on mastering specific skills, including serving, passing, setting, hitting, blocking, and defensive strategies, through targeted drills and exercises. Each session will also emphasize enhancing footwork, agility, communication, teamwork, and game awareness, ensuring players develop a well-rounded game. This comprehensive approach will help players refine every aspect of their performance!

Tuesday's and Thursday's from June 4th - August 29th.

6:30 - 8:30pm @ Albert J. Borro Community Center

50 Canal St, San Rafael, CA 94901

Full Summer Costs: $875

12 Session Costs: $420

Drop in Price: $45

You must register in order to attend. At check out enter PAIDOFFLINE if  signing up for drop in.


Welcome to Amplify, our small but passionate volleyball club. 

At Amplify, we recognize that volleyball is more than just a sport; it is a blend of physical skill, mental acuity, team dynamics and emotional resilience. For the 2024-2025 season we will integrate agility training, technical mechanics, nutrition and an introduction to 

energetic awareness.

Our Home Court

Amplify Volleyball Club is based in Marin County, California. We conduct practices primarily at the Albert J. Boro Community Center, situated in San Rafael. However, we also occasionally utilize other nearby gyms for training sessions. 

The Season

Following tryouts, practices and clinics will commence in December, allowing players to prepare for the official season. The official season itself spans from January - May 2025  and will include league play and tournaments. This timeline outlines the general dates for those interested in participating in Amplify Volleyball Club's upcoming season.  A more specific calendar is posted on our schedule page.

Emily Heacock / Hagopian

Amplify Volleyball Club

Phone: 415-786-1024